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Foggy station

Glenhuntly station in the fog, yesterday morning

Oh. Just found this rather similar picture from 1997 to compare to:

Glenhuntly station, 1997

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Nice foggy picture. :) Thanks for that. I like the fact that you show everyday Melbourne in your pics. That way I feel like I’ve visited some small part of it. I need to get out and take more pics of daily Ottawa life and post them. That way, you’d feel like you were seeing Ottawa through my eyes. Right now, we’re going through an early heat wave. The norm for this time of June would be about +26 C daytime, +16 nightime, but we’ve been having +33 and +34 C the last few days with smog as well. The coal-fired generating plants sure throw a lot of junk in the air. But wind-farms are coming on-line this year, and the nuclear plants help a bit. But they are SO damned expensive :( I wish solar energy was more prevalent. I noticed that Sebastopol, CA has a solar initiative for their residents on their website. Now, that makes sense!

I suspect that the train arriving in ’05 IS actually the one that was due in ’97.

Oh sorry, that’d be Sydney trains.

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