Sale time is over

Well, the end-of-financial-year sale season has drawn to a close, so it’s time to re-count the bargain buys of the last couple of weeks, and start dreading next month’s credit card bill.

  • A new suit from my favourite expressive expensive but nice businessy-wear shop (I’ve had nice trousers and jackets before, but this is my first really nice suit. It’s marketed as being a Parisian brand, though I note the label says “Made in Romania”, so I suppose at least it’s European.)
  • Pair of jeans in a rather nice colour they call black-blue
  • A stripey long sleeved top
  • Smallish backpack for nights away — from the regular Kathmandu sales. So regular I still can’t believe anybody shops there when a sale isn’t in progress.
  • Pair of black pants to replace an old pair

Didn’t manage to find a new pair of shoes or a casual jacket though. And though I got a tipoff about a Lego Millenium Falcon going for $100 at Myer, the last one left on the shelf had a box a little too tatty for a Christmas present for Isaac. Besides, how could I get another affordable present of equal value for Jeremy?

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Sale time is over”

Ha! One Millenium Falcon to share, and then other stuff for them to have on their own. This is Lego. It’s always sharable.

Then again, I always had to share with my brother and that never worked out. Nah, you were right to leave it in the store.

It might surprise you the number of “quick – we’re leaving for the (Ant)arctic tomorrow” customers i used to get when i worked at Kathmandu for 3 years in Sydney! Them, and the parents of private school kids who are oh-so-suddenly leaving for camp this afternoon and they have to be kitted out RIGHT NOW with the most expensive of everything! The number of kids whose parents just handed over $1000 for all their new camping gear…!!!
Me: “Have a great time on camp!”
The kid: *Grumpy, spoilt scowl* “Grunt”

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