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Here is my fridge door

Here we go, back to celebrating the mundane… Here is the inside of my fridge door:

And the milk? For some reason, I keep it in the main part of the fridge. Just habit, I suspect.

Feel free to post a picture of the inside of your fridge door… Link in the Trackbacks or comments.

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5 replies on “Here is my fridge door”

For some sad, peculiar reason, I genuinely felt I had to hurry looking at that picture – something fairly illicit about staring at an open fridge door for too long.

The bickford’s and vinegar could come out for a start. Soy sauce definitely doesn’t want to be in there either and unless you want the tomatoe sauce to last more than this century there’s no need for that in there either. Butter. Do you really think butter is going to melt in Victoria? You want butter in your fridge then move to the tropics. You’re not fit to own a fridge. When you’ve finished with the fridge, have a good long look at yourself.

Oh, like you know how hot my house gets on warm days? As for the sauce, (1) there’s no E in tomato, and (2) I generally abide by the “keep refridgerated after opening” instructions.

i wouldn’t worry about the mango chutney going off unless it’s got fuzz on it. that stuff tends to last a million years.

also, once when i rang the consumer hotline for some milk i had in the fridge which went off way before its use by date, they reckoned that it’s best to store the milk in the main body of the fridge because it’s colder there. they sent me a fridge thermometer, too, which i thought was very cool, if you’ll pardon the pun.

i only noticed the ‘refridgerate after opening’ instructions on the tomato sauce not all that long ago. by then i’d been keeping it (long after the use by date had expired, in fact) the panrty for years, as well as my family doing the same before i kept my own fridge, so i figured it wasn’t harming anyone.

if you never hear from me again after this post then you know that the sauce finally got me.

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