Daniel joins the podders

I finally succumbed to that iPod I’ve been covetting. Bye bye $449, hello 40Gb and my entire CD collection on a single tiny electronic gizmo.

Uhh, that is, it’s a portable storage device… it’s a work tool, don’tcha know. For moving big files around. And for drowning out the ambient noise when I’m trying to concentrate. Yeah.

By Daniel Bowen

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One thing I’ve found Andy is that it’s slightly quicker to import CDs without the pod connected. After all the importing is done to the hard drive I plug in the pod and they whip across pretty quickly.

When I got my mini iPod last year I only had about half of my 20Gb collection on iTunes (you probably know by now I’m a Mac-fiend). I got everything I wanted onto the hard drive before syncing the iPod. I use FireWire on the Mac but 4Gb still took a moderate amount of time to upload.

And yes, I can’t get my entire music collection on the iPod mini at once, but I have developed a nice little system with iTunes.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Maybe I have this opinion just because I’m not into digitial music, but isn’t iPod just the latest fad that will be remembered like pararchute pants and pet rocks? What’s it do that 1000 other things haven’t done better before? It doesn’t do anything new, or better; it just does it more.

Interesting view Ron… though CDs are digital music, and they seem to be here to stay. I view iPods (etc) as just an extension of that. CDs stayed because of the convenience of an album on a small shiny disc, as well as sound quality and random access. iPods etc take that a few steps further.

As for their longevity, I guess time will tell…

I love my iPod not merely because of the convenience of having all the music i own on one device, but also because my computer, despite the fact it is only about 6 years old, is ancient in computer terms. My iPod has about five times the amount of memory that the Mac does, so truly is a great storage advice to free up some space on the hard drive.
One day i will have a new computer! And like all computers, it will be obsolete the second it is pulled out of the box.

Be carefull with it Daniel!
My son dodo-ed my iPod comprehensively by placing a fridge magnet on it. Luckily it was under warranty…….

There is before ipod and there is after ipod. If you are still bipod you cannot understand the value of having 15,000 songs (and photos) on a device as small as a block of chocolate. An epithany of listening, nirvana for traveling and just plane cool.

I’ve had my ipod for over a year now and I’ve only just got through the process of loading my 150+ CD collection onto it. Let me tell you it’s a long, boring process. Americans have had for ages. Not helpful if you live in Sydney. I discovered just the other day. So many hours I wasted, so many hours!

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