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Here is my toaster

And now for a toast. (Tony and Rae are certainly deserving of one, this weekend.)

This is my Sunbeam toaster, still going strong after over a decade of toastie goodness. Happily handles crumpets and those big slices of bread from the delicious Vienna loaves I sometimes get at the bakery down the road. Yum.


Feel free to post a picture of your toaster… Link in the Trackbacks or comments.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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6 replies on “Here is my toaster”

Ovewr a decade eh? Not bad. Sounds like some of my kitchen appliances, which have been more faithful, and lasted longer than my marriage. Gotta love em :-) Until they blow up/break down that is.

Our toaster is almost 10 years old now. I’m always surprised when things last that long nowadays. Not many other appliances seem to have lasted as well.

I would post a picture of our toaster, but it would be way too embarassing. It was bought from a garage sale six years ago, and was kind of melted looking even then…

Hey Daniel. Nice Toaster. When it dies don’t buy anything expensive, they don’tmake ’em like that anymore. The best toaster ever made is the Sunbeam model which is over 30 years old, and lowers your toast automatically. BTW, will you be coming up to Sydney to see The Goodies? Email me if you are. Seeya!

Hi Daniel, thats a nice toaster, i especially like the idea of different temperatures for either side for Crumpets.

Todd in Dublin

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