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Ate at Subway yesterday with the kids. I am seriously out of my depth there. Must have spent a good couple of minutes staring up at the menu before even daring to approach the counter. Eventually figured out what we wanted to order, and the woman behind the counter started asking the hard questions. Like “what kind of rolls?” and “would you like salad on it?” And I thought “Cheese?” was a simple question until she followed-up with “Which type of cheese?”

Eventually everything got ordered, made, and paid for. Thankfully nobody else was waiting in the queue behind us, though as we munched, the lunchtime rush arrived.

Not bad, for fast food. I’m not sure I believe all the “we’re healthy so nyah nyah” advertising, but it was pretty tasty, and certainly didn’t leave me with the guilts like the average burger and chips does.Thumbs up

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If, by some horris, horrible chance, Port of Subs makes it to Australia, run away. Don’t walk, just run. If you stumble across a Togo’s you’re fairly safe. And Subway’s is healthier than McDonald’s….if you have walk to it and have nutrional advisors helping you lose wait. Which are facts that they conveniently leave out.

I LOVE subway, just delicious once you work out which cheese to avoid and which breads are not to your taste. I hope your children were pleased with their meals.. I bought my girls the kids meal packs one day, thinking I was doing the right parently thing, but the buns were horrid and did not get eaten! We love the parmesan and oregano bread best.

Subway is almost a ritual where I work. Fridays are ‘Foot Long Friday’ and derision is poured on those who only buy the standard 6 incher – ‘half a sandwich, half a man’. Ah, happy days.

I had Subway yesterday too. From the one at the bottom of elizabeth st. It came back up and was deposited in the bath several hours later. Never again.

I have had them years ago and they were edible, just. But the smell in the stores really puts me off. While waiting, I used to enjoy looking at the maps of New York subway, but they seem to have gone now.

Subway Newbie’s – don’t go to a busy one (like the one in Oxford Street, London). You practically get asked for your order whilst you’re queuing out of the door (ie no time to see the menu, which is conveniently placed behind the servers that you can only just see at this point). I chickened out and ordered what the guy in front was having. Oh well.

There is something a bit dingy about most Subway stores. Maybe it’s just that the food is on display whereas at Maccas etc all that stuff is out back. Doesn’t stop me eating their Terayaki Chicken subs though — yum.

I end up having Subway a few times a week, being one of the few places near where I work that is actually open decent hours.

It’s usually good, it never makes me sick, but it gets boring after a while. They haven’t added addictive ingredients like they do at McDonalds, and I could eat quarter pounders (or variants thereof) til the cows come home.

But if I have one more parmesan chicken fillet with cheddar, capsicum, onion, tomato and honey mustard, or one more parmesan meatball sub, I’ll go mad.

Well, more so :-)

Having just returned from Alaska I was surprised while there to find myself confronted by yet another choice while over there.
They were pretty good toasted and I had it everytime after first daring to try it.

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