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NY resolutions

Here are my New Year’s resolutions. They start off with vague motherhood statements and get into some specifics further down.

To be, in alphabetical order, a better boyfriend, brother, parent, son, uncle, world citizen… to be a better person.

To keep learning and trying new things.

To keep working for or giving to causes I believe in.

To have more fun.

To stop being so damn busy I don’t have time to smell the roses.

To buy a house before the winter returns.

To eat healthier — no more buying family-sized chocolate blocks and eating them myself.

To travel. Even just a little bit.

To read more.

To ride that damn bicycle. Indeed, to generally get more exercise.

To floss every day.

To stop my worst habit.

To send in my tax forms (and every other bit of administrivia) on time.

To keep upgrading my wardrobe, and say bye bye daggy clothing.

To chuck out or ebay all that junk I don’t need.

To stay on top of my e-mail.

To learn CSS.

To stop saving stuff in the TEMP directory.

To have patience with moronic drivers.

To consistently get 8 hours’ sleep a night.

Hmm, that’s about all for now. (Feel free to leave comments, or link/trackback to your own blog resolutions).

Happy new year, all!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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I’m with Rob. Maybe along with your resolutions, you need to list all the timewasting things you need to give up to achieve what you want without getting a nervous breakdown! Oh and maybe review 2004’s.

2005- not written yet, so here’s 2004’s.

– become a more creative thinker & record my thoughts

– gross passive income to exceed $X pa and have Y properties

– donate $Z to charity

– sleep well, exercise well, eat well

– participation in at least one more social or community group

– i will keep this flat tidier

All achieved (or made progress on) except for the last! And a 2003 resolution that was broken (change of employment) was achieved in 2004.

2005 resolutions will reduce emphasis on financial achievement, but strengthen job goals, travel, relationships with people, position in society.

All admirable goals, Daniel. While I’d like to share the one about 8 hours sleep a night, with a toddler and a new baby due in May, I’m resolving instead to merely “get as much sleep as possible, hopefully enough to keep me on the right side of total collapse”.

That’s a great list. And all very acheievable. Good luck in succeeding in most of them.
I’m going to try and do a list of my own… Perhaps!

Very glad to see that one of your resolutions is the same as mine (well, a few are similar, but this one is my fave rant at the moment …) “To floss every day”. Let’s all do our bit to get dentists back to driving Camrys or something and not Audis etc!

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