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Here is my bookcase

Here is my bookcase. Well, one of them, probably the most interesting one. There are others elsewhere in the house containing CDs and kids books; videos; boring geeky books and magazines.

If there is one thing I regret about my book collection it’s that in early adulthood I was so addicted to TV that I read a lot of crappy novelisations of my favourite TV shows. Most of them were a complete waste of time, when I could have been reading the kind of genuinely imaginative, innovative works that some Real Authors put out. (Currently reading Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon).


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By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “Here is my bookcase”

I’m looking forward to the Red Dwarf movie (if they’re still filming it). Those Far Side books are hevier then they should be. I can use them as weights for bench pressing if I wasn’t too busy laughing as I read them.

Yeah, its sad how the Bill deteriorated. I finally gave up when they stopped having episode titles (I think not long after the trial of Eddie Santini), but looking back the rot had well and truly set in before then.

How long did you last?

Running my mouse along a picture of a line of books…having deja vu…now where have I done this before… Daniel – this is just like playing Myst (and its various derivations).

heh. Now there’s an idea… I can finish photographing all of my house, and turn it into a big Myst game!

Harriet’s URL went AWOL… try this one:

Robert, I gave up on The Bill just after the Beech in Sydney episode, but you’re right, it had been going downhill for quite a while. I mean, big dramatic events do happen every so often, but they’d changed it so something climactic would happen every week. Any sense of realism (which for me was part of the appeal) had gone.

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