Once-a-year chance

I have a once-a-year chance coming up.

In my kitchen is a six-pack of beer of a brand that I don’t normally drink. I think someone left it after the last party. I’d rather not take it to somebody else’s party, as I’d feel duty-bound to drink it, and like I say, I normally don’t.

Then I read an article about Christmas gifts left for posties and garbos and paper boys and so on.

Have times changed so much that it is inconceivable you would leave cash in an envelope addressed to the “paper boy” under the doormat, or bottles of beer for the garbo on the nature strip beside the rubbish bin?

A few people still leave beer out. It is taken back to the depot and divided between about 20 workers, he said.

Ah! Brilliant!

If perhaps a little insensitive to tee-totalling or alcoholic garbos. Hopefully there are none at my local depot.

PS 9:30pm. Oh no! Dilemma! I’ve just noticed they have a “best by” date of last April!

3:15pm Friday. I put it out anyway. And it’s gone. The main rubbish bin and paper recycle bin were no less chaotically situated than usual, so I assume such gifts don’t necessarily buy you any favour.

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Once-a-year chance”

Oh I feel guilty for forgetting our garbos yesterday morn! I didn’t even think! We used to leave a six pack every year….

I think there is some kind of conspiracy afoot to do with the beer brand that hosts don’t drink being left-over after parties … Earlier in the year, at our housewarming, we found ourselves with an intact 6-pack of VB stubbies. We’ve tried at three or four parties or gatherings since then to get a guest, any guest, to consume said VB stubbies. We’ve finally managed to see a couple of them consumed after we cracked the plastic and separated the 6-pack into the ice with all other drinks. Anyway, hopefully the garbos will appreciate the gesture and save it till they return to the depot to consume the beer!

How do they collect them now? Seeing as how our garbos use the big grabbing arm do they employ someone to go in advance of the truck and collect the loot? Or is there a special beer grabbing arm?

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