I’ve been going to the same dental surgery for the last ten years or so, every 6-8 months. It should be every 6, but in practice I tend to wait until they ring me to make an appointment (what, like I’d WANT to go?), and so it usually ends up at about 8.

The actual dentists in attendance, however, have varied. Every few years they’ll switch around, and when I went along yesterday, the baton had been passed on again. Not to worry, the new guy seemed jovial enough, though after inspecting my teeth, he threatened to send me back to the gum specialist I saw a few years ago (the guy who looks like Uncle Arthur) if I didn’t improve my gum technique in the next six months.

Okay I admit it, I don’t floss as much as I should. Like, coupla times a month, when I remember. About once every two days just before visiting the dentist, of course. Not that I’d admit it, of course. And not that that fools them. I bet they see it all the time. They probably have the odds written out the back.

Flosses daily 20-1
Flosses twice a week 8-1
Flosses once a week 4-1
Flosses less than weekly, but all the time just before a dentist appointment 2-1

Re-reading what I said about Uncle Arthur and his scary equipment in 2001, I’ll be lifting my game. So, lots more flossing coming up.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Ahhh, flossing! It is the crucial bit of dental hygiene that we all miss … So far my infrequent flossing has cost me $735 *sob* (not including Medibank Private rebates) and I have another visit to see Bruno the dentist in January for two more tiny fillings …

Snap! I went to the dentist this morning for the first time in about 6 years. They didn’t tutt at me about not using floss since they were too busy tutting at me at the time it’s been since I’ve been to the dentist. ;o)


I floss. About three times a week. I often use Listerine or a floride rinse after flossing, too. But I’m mildly obsessive. And my teeth tend to rot easily.

10 years since my last dentist visit. My teeth have always been good. Ignorance is bliss and all that, but I really should do something…

In your flossing frenzy, don’t become like the woman who my colleague saw the other day – doing her flossing on the train!

Is this the point where private cleanliness becomes public grot? Same coin, different sides. Much commerce it transferring mess from one site to the other, just as a redevelopment of one area shifts urban blight elsewhere. Also some architecture is opulent on the inside, pedestrian on the outside, wearing its discontents from all to see? Private wealth but public squalor was a more succinct description.

Ahh that would make more sense, unless you were speaking as Pike. :) Not sure if an uberdentist that looked like John Le Mesurier would be slightly off-putting…

I have been known to floss at my desk at work after eating if there is food between my teeth annoying me. I try to do it when nobody is looking, though….

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