Restaurant review: Livebait

Astoundingly quick restaurant review: Livebait, Docklands. Yum.Thumbs up!

PS. My ETag beeped four times. Does this mean it’s about to self-destruct?

By Daniel Bowen

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I think maybe it’s indicating that the battery is on the way out. You’ll probably need to call Citilink I guess.

Re Livebait, you should also try Mecca Bah if you haven’t already done so. Related to Livebait somehow I think but the food there is great for sharing. I want the desert shown on Livebait’s website – wonder if they deliver???

I dunno, but I would LOVE to see a train actually terminate at the last stop on it’s line like it says it will.

“This train will be terminating at Broadmeadows.”

Just to add something that has to do with nothing:
Bush was in Halifax today… I watched out the window of my high rise as two of his security copters almost ran into each other, but in the last minute one flew over the other.

What a name!! Liverbait :(~~
(and I’m one of the few people I know who like Liver)!!

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