Some more dreams

After my last batch of dreams, Nat posted an analysis of them, which I found very interesting, though it seemed to indicate a lot of negativity, which I don’t really feel is in my life right now.

But anyway there was another suite of dreams a few nights ago, as disjointed as ever, but not a bus or a fire in sight this time…

I was in an office, talking to someone called Ashad. On the noticeboard were pictures of my old high school (Melbourne High) being demolished and rebuilt to the original plans. Ashad said it was actually cheaper to rebuild it than to simply clean it, as cleaning involved taking out each brick one at a time and removing the dirt, then replacing it.

(Possible influences: announcement last week that a teacher I knew at another school has been appointed as the new principal to Melbourne High.)

I rode my bike home from Marita’s. (Unlikely, it’s quite a hike.) Lots of St Kilda footy fans were walking in the streets. I got to my street, but couldn’t find my house — it was like it had been replaced by other houses.

(Possible influences: the plumber who recently suggested it was a no-brainer than the owner of my house could demolish and build units on the land.)

Watching TV, Tony Stamp and other actors from The Bill appeared on an advert for an expanding truncheon (like they use on the show) for sale for Christmas.

(Possible influences: I rarely watch the show anymore, but the night before, I had seen a little bit of it, including a scene with two characters and their expanding truncheons.)

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One reply on “Some more dreams”

the first 2 dreams have the same theme, they are about points of safety and familiarity being removed or changed in an unexpected way. In both scenarios there’s an element of distance to those places too, i.e. being in the office or doing a long journey.
I think it does have some personal meaning because the same “message” is given twice in different guises.

Going out on a limb, I would say that you have some long held assumptions that are being challenged or changed in some way. The distance element could indicate that those assumptions or knowledge have been formed a long time ago. Maybe at this stage you are uncertain how it will all turn out, i.e. either getting an improvement or being faced with a loss.

That would be my hunch…. have a nice weekend!

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