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Am I a has-been before I’ve even been a been?

One of the kids at the school: “You used to be on TV!”

Ahem. Yeah kid. Once or twice.

Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson on the return of (and apparent changes to) the Daleks:

“If ever you’ve laughed at them, prepare to have the smile frozen on your face…”

(SFX via Outpost Gallifrey)

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “TV”

It is something I wonder about. Kids would accept their parents being on tv or the wireless as normal up to a certain age, but at some point it must click within their heads that it is not normal that your parent is a media person or a politician or even a very rich person. Interested to know how your children Daniel react when they see you on tv? If it is inappropriate, fine, no prob.

It happens rarely anyway, and my kids don’t usually watch the news. Initially there was surprise, then laughter when they saw my name misspelt on the caption. Now they seem pretty blasé about it.

At the other end of the scale, I remember George Harrison saying he wondered how much his son picked-up on his fame, or even if he realised who he was, until he asked George one day how to play the chords from “Hey Bulldog”

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