Today I have seen

My train to work leaving a minute early. Without me on it.

A demonstration that I can only assume was pro-life (it wasn’t overly clear), as it consisted of people wheeling a mock baby in isolation thingy up Collins St, escorted by a police car, along with safety-vested money collectors. Hmmm.

Strolling down Collins St, holding hands, none other than Tony and Rae. Tony looking like he was possessed, with demonic-looking contact lenses in, his glasses apparently being repaired today. They were going to look at the Christmas windows, then maybe catch a tram down to St Kilda, stroll around, eat lunch, cake, drink beers while spending a lazy day off work. Bastards.

An email come through to tell me a couple of people I’ve known for years are finally getting hitched next week. Congrats C & C.

That’s all so far. But hey, the night is young.

By Daniel Bowen

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