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Here is my bed

Here is my bed. Yes, this shot was staged.

Daniel in bed

Two year-old queen size bed. The bedlinen is about the same age, and most would probably say the doona cover is a pretty typical blokey choice. Second pillow generally thrown off the bed when sleeping, more used for propping-up to read the paper on the weekends.

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On a related note, I had four mini-dreamlets last night:

  • The Lombard Paper factory fire became known in the media as the “Susannah Bowen Fire” — not because my sister was involved, but some other person with the same name had invented something that was inside the factory.
  • Then I was reading the newspaper article about the fire in a service station. I was on a long drive on my own, and had stopped for some breakfast, but I didn’t understand how the cafeteria system worked. Another guy showed me: you had to get a bowl from the pile, choose and pay for your breakfast cereal at the counter. He then did so with me, also paying the shopkeeper with a $20 note. I got my change back right, but then I realised the guy had done some trick with both our $20 notes, and conned the shopkeeper into giving him more money than he started with, something like in the opening scenes of “Nine Queens.”
  • Then I was on the 246 bus with Tony, going from Elsternwick towards Elwood. The bus turned off Nepean Highway into Glenhuntly Road, right over onto the wrong side of the road. It then corrected itself, but as we went on, lots of cars were coming at us on the wrong side of the road. We and a couple of other passengers went up to ask the driver what was going on, and he pointed to the other side of the road and said there was bad flooding.
  • Finally, I was at Marita’s house, early on a weekday morning. I suddenly noticed a lot of smell from traffic pollution coming through the window. I pointed it out to Marita and Justine, but they said they couldn’t smell anything.

What all this means, I don’t know. I just find it interesting on the rare occasions that I do remember my dreams.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Don’t print this if it depresses you, but today is SAVERS half-price sale; everything in the store half-price, including some magnificent bed linen. Warning: these things are a real ball crusher; coat hangers flying everywhere. I’ll be wearing a crash helmet, can’t afford any more brain damage.

jajaj funny
as soon as i was reading ur second min dream i thought straight away of 9 queens, and i said to myself he was influenced by nueve reinas, and then underneath i saw how u had written it was like a scene from 9 queens.
funny stuff

According to my dream dictionary fire is “associated with life and passion”. it’s a symbol of regeneration, so dreaming of fire may indicate that you are entering a period of renewal and painful reflection. More negatively, fire can suggest anger, resentment and destruction. The dream may also suggest that you need more vitality and passion in your life.”

The book says quite a lot about money dreams, but basically says that money represents what we value. In this context it could represent the belief that you are being taken for granted or that you feel cheated in someway. The book says that this dream is asking the dreamer to pay attention to his values and to reassess them on a regular basis.

The bus journey in your dreams may suggest how quickly or directly you are moving toward your goals. Being a passenger on the bus could be a sign that you don’t feel in control of your life. “Like fire, flood is an uncontrollable force of nature that can be frightening and overwhelming. Feeling inundated brings about anxiety and an inability to cope and sometimes this can suggest depression for the dreamer.”

“A bad smell can symbolise disharmony in your current life and pessimism about the future”

It’s very interesting that you dreamt about two of the elemental signs, fire and flood in one dream.

The book says to always take each dream in context of how you are feeling in the dream and other things that are happening around you at the time to assist in working out the meaning. For example being a passenger on the bus and enjoying the ride may indicate that you are happy to feel little or no responsibility whereas a negative experience as the passenger, such as the bus travelling on the wrong side of the road and so on may indicate more a negative lack of control in life.

Hope this helps.

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