Last weekend I was plonked in front of the telly, and a Clearasil commercial came on. Some teenage girl was moaning about pimples and extolling the virtues of Clearasil, and how wonderful it was for clearing them up. The problem? She didn’t have any. Not that I could see. Granted my eyesight may not be the best, and the TV wasn’t very big, but despite her saying she had a pimple, I couldn’t see one.

I get pimples. I don’t want to overemphasise my own pimpliness, but right now I have one that’s so big I think it might be growing its own facial hair. I’m not sure why I have been hijacked on this flight to Pimple City. And I don’t particularly want to be in a Clearasil commercial. I just think they could at least find someone who actually has pimples to do the ads. Or use makeup: stunt pimples, if you like.

For me, at least, it would lend some credibility to it.

By Daniel Bowen

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I used to have severe acne, and the pimple-less girls in the American ads used to piss me off like you wouldn’t believe. I always hoped my revenge would be at my high school reunion, when previously pimple-less people would get their comeuppance ten years later. Not very realistic, but I probably told myself a lot of lies to get through high school.

same with wrinkle cream ads that show models with not a line in their faces, supposedly mature aged.
Have you ever noticed how older females are virtually non-existant on tv? Or if they do exist they have to look strangely young like Marcia Hines. Depresses me,

A few nights ago a met a woman who, at twenty-six years of age, declared “Oh, no! I’ve got my first pimple!” Aaargh! NOT FAIR! She said that that was how most people reacted … I got one back at her though, when I said that I get a similar reaction when I tell people that I don’t get hangovers. We decided that we’re now even. (Though that doesn’t change the fact that I had loads of zits in high school, and it certainly doesn’t mean I say “Oh, well, I guess I don’t get hangovers!” when I get a badly-timed pimple now …)

I thought they took clearasil off the market a few years ago because it actually caused acne, not helped get rid of it.

Another good trick for acne is mouthwash. Get some listerine right on it, and it will kill all the nasty bacteria. Then use some tea tree oil on it. Gone in no time.

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