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Spring time

Ah, it’s spring time. (Happy Cup Day!)


Apart from dodging rain and hail yesterday, I spent some time getting the clocks updated to summer time. Most were easy. The computers took care of themselves. The VCR was a cinch. The kitchen clock is analogue, so just needed winding on. Mobile phone, thank you once again Mr Nokia for your attention to detail and ease of use. Microwave, just enter the time again.

And so we come to the cordless phone and the alarm clock.

I’m pretty happy with my cordless phone, but I can’t quite grasp why like every other phone with Caller ID, they didn’t have it update the time from the phone line when an incoming call comes in. Instead you have to navigate a menu so bewildering it’s definitely best not to venture in without a guide.

Ditto the super-snazzy clock radio. The old one in the kids’ room took all of two seconds: hold down the Time button and tap the Hour button once, and you’re done. I couldn’t figure out my new one until eventually found the Summer Time button. Pressing that did the trick.

Everything else is done now except the phone. For that I’ll need to find the manual. Which is a lot harder than finding pollen in a flower.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

9 replies on “Spring time”

I’m happy cos my bedside clock is telling the right time after 6 months. When daylight savings ended it decided it was easier to set the alarm forward an hour than move the time back 11 hours, now i just have to remember to set the alarm back!

Kathryn, very funny and roundabout.
Thanks Daniel for reminding me about phone. I have reset everything else but totally forgot about the phone. Ahh….think I too need to get the manual out.

Just looked at the link to Wikpedia. I know all this stuff but if you are not a Melbourne person, do have a look. Melbourne Cup Day is quite special for Melburnians.

well I will do the usual fruitless half a dozen or so attempts to change my car radio – give up – the decide to try again and finally succeed without realising what it was that I did to change it.

Can never remember for the next time.

Just out for half an hour today to check out the park at the corner of Kingsway and Sturt St and a ‘Private’ caller rang. It reminded me to check the time on the phone and either it corrected itself for daylight saving or I did not correct at the end of of this years daylight saving end. I am very good at setting clocks so I think our phone actually corrected itself. And so it should.

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