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Here is my coffee mug

Here is my coffee mug at work. Theoretically it’s a coffee mug, but I don’t drink coffee.

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By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Here is my coffee mug”

I was going to suggest the same Tim. But he has declared it now. I will be checking the media for positive comments from the PTU about Yarra Trams. It starts innocently, a coffee mug, but before you know he will be in possession of a big fat Yarra Trams pen.

In the interests of disclosure: I got a whole showbag actually. A pen of a green and blue gelatinous design. A promotional DVD. A t-shirt I haven’t worn yet. Postcards. Mints. The mug was, I think, the most useful.

(No, they can’t buy me!)

What is that list in the background? (above the sticky tape and stapler)Is it too confidential to label? Also, my guess is that the mug is resting on a Nando’s napkin.

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