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Celebratory snippets

Work footy tipping prize? $390. I rule!

Six Feet Under returns to TV next Monday night. Woo hoo!

Taped John Safran vs God, just watched it. Bloody funny.

Media Watch. Click on it and turn the volume up nice and loud. What a classic. (If you’re at work or within earshot of the kids, check the transcript instead.)

4 replies on “Celebratory snippets”

Thanks for the heads up!!! 6ft Under is the only program on telly I would stay home for (or learn to program the VCR for…)

6FU! Bring it ON!

Oh, and congrats on the footy tipping. You do indeed, rule. (I’ll be in Melbourne 9-14 Sept, btw, to inspect your new footy-tipping conquered kingdom.)

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