Eight out of eight, baby

Well the last weekend of footy tips has just gone, and there was a great article in Saturday’s Age about the whole phenomenon, well worth reading.

I’ve had a good year in the footy tipping. So when at the start of the weekend, I was equal first in the work competition, and leading by 1 point in Tony’s competition.

Now it’s the end of the weekend… and I’ve got a big eight out of eight.

As it turns out, so did my competitor in the work competition. So I guess we’ll be sharing the prize money.

But what about the Tony Malloy memorial footy tipping urn, possibly the ugliest trophy ever to be awarded in any field of human endeavour, I hear you ask? Well, there’s no way runner-up Trish could have scored nine out of eight and caught up, so I guess the urn will be coming to live at my house.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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6 replies on “Eight out of eight, baby”

Runner-up Trish tried to tip in a way that might’ve seen her even up with you, however the Demons just weren’t going to win in Perth … Hence, Trish only got 7 out of 8, and finished the season with a score of 121 to your 123. Congratulations on winning the ugly urn!! He he!

Memorial? Is there something I don’t know about myself?

I’m not sure if it’s congratulations or commiserations Daniel but I’m sure you won’t be trying so hard next year.

It’s make me laugh if the prize for the loser was something cool… er, not that an ugl- err… an urn with loads of character isn’t a cool prize. Ahem.

I reckon we need a picture of this trophy Daniel, congrats (I think) I’ll reserve judgement until we’ve seen it.

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