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There was excitement in the air at the school this morning, in anticipation for tonight’s big school concert. Buses to the rehearsal were lining up in the street, the drum corps had their kit out, classes were lining up to head off to the hall.

Much practising on recorders, making of costumes and choreography has been happening for the past couple of months, and tonight’s when it all culminates in a gala performance — that may or may not be the subject of an Age column (of sorts) this time around.

The theme this year is “Hello world”. I wonder if a programmer thought that one up?

11pm update. As one parent asked before the show “Do you actually enjoy these things?” Probably a fair comment, I attempted to give an honest answer… that I thought most people thought the acts with their kids in them were very cute and interesting… but that other acts attracted somewhat less interest.

In any case, the adjusted proceedings that prevented people leaving at the interval surprisingly didn’t make it too painful. Despite lacking sleep, I managed to stay awake. The theme of acceptance of different cultures from around the world didn’t quite gel with the year 5s comedy skit, which somewhat made fun of different racial stereotypes. Hmmmmm. And later having the year 3s sing Waterloo (obligatory Abba song) as some kind of French themed song? Not sure they’d be too happy about that. The Lion Sleeps Tonight seems to have become a tradition, especially when accompanied on recorder. But considering it was a primary school concert, it wasn’t bad, especially the bit at the end where the teachers came on and sang I Go To Rio.

Yeah, some good stuff. Especially the bits with my kids in them.

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One reply on “Concert”

Hey! I ENJOY going to school concerts!! And I don’t have kids!!! (Maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much, ’cause I don’t get to see very many??)I think they are ALL cute. The younger the kids, the cuter. Kindergarden is the cutest, of course! All those 5 year olds!!

I do have a nephew, but he hasn’t invited me to a school concert lately. Most of the kids in Canada start school Tuesday morning, September 6th, the day after Labour Day.


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