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The weekend

After watching last Monday’s final episode of The Sopranos, I started re-watching them from the beginning on DVD. Man they all look so young. Not just the kids. Still, it’s just as good seeing them the second time around.

Did a few things off my To Do list this weekend, but the best one was clearing through the old e-mails. I’m not finished yet, but my Inbox has gone from a ridiculous a thousand-and-something items down to 64. Much more manageable. Also demolished one box of junk from the study, chucking most of it out.

Cooked up a surprisingly trouble-free roast lamb rack on Saturday. Okay okay, so it should be dead easy, but somehow in the past I’ve managed to cock it up. Perhaps the only failing this time was forgetting to buy more vegies to roast, so it was limited to pumpkin and potatoes, with some carrots. Damn delicious though.

Footy tipping… argh. Not a good round for me. Only 4 out of 8, the only consolation being that there were a few upsets that not many people would have tipped. In the work tipping, I’m now equal first. Will have to try extra-specially hard next week to get my lead back. Amazingly in Tony’s comp, I’m still leading by one.

By Daniel Bowen

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