Here is my Photos

Here is my shed

Well it’s really a garage, but it’s all the way at the end of the driveway and looks like a tight squeeze, so I’ve never actually used it for the car. Pah, it hasn’t rusted yet. Well, that I know of.

Inside of shed

As usual, hold your mouse over stuff in the picture to read about them. (Alas Firefox only shows the first few words — apparently it’s on their bugfix list, but don’t hold your breath. Meanwhile right-click, Properties, then scroll through the title.)

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By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Here is my shed”

How odd. Today I bought a book at Camberwell Sunday market: Blokes & Sheds, by Mark Thomson. Inside the cover there’s an inscription written in biro:

Dearest Dad!
Have a great Christmas! I love You!
from Vicki.

I often find similar inscriptions in old books, but this book is fairly recent: Dec. 2002. And so I wonder, what’s happened to dad? How come his book has become flotsam, already?

Just caught the “here is my …” thing. Wow, the things you miss while travelling and checking blogs costs money … Wow, what a celebration of the everyday! Love it!

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