Name this bridge

This is the bridge from Flinders Street Station’s Elizabeth Street subway to Southbank. Does it have a name?

Ron asked, and I looked at various maps and walked around it, but can’t find a name for it. Anybody?


Or if it doesn’t have a name, would anybody like to suggest one?

(No actual naming rights to this bridge conferred or implied, except perhaps in your imagination.)

By Daniel Bowen

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there’s a name somewhere. there has to be something on the architectural plans besides bridge. it might be something dumb like ‘bridge at flinders street’

Call it ‘The Bridge of Sighs’. That’s the name of a little bridge in Venice which prisoners crossed on their way to execution. Some folk crossing this bridge over the Yarra could have similar feelings after losing all their dough at the casino.

Yes. Well he’s not bad with a camera, this bloke: good angles, good composition; seems he’s studied a bit of art. Looks where he’s going.

Foot? Foot?!?! What kind of name is Foot?!

I’m thinking this needs to be renamed the Daniel Bowen Memorial Bridge. But only because I’m not there…


It actually looks a lot like a new bridge across the Brisbane River, designed by students at QUT, the cost of which blew out, called… The Goodwill Bridge. A controversial project from start to finish, and no doubt some don’t like the name either. Perhaps Melbourne needs a “name the bridge competition” or something.

A few years ago I met an Irishman at The Racecourse hotel in Caulfield. Over a couple of pints of Guinness he told me he built that bridge. He even had a business card with a picture of the bridge upon it. Who knows if he was telling the truth?

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