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Friday snippets

Filming in the schoolyard.

A flurry of activity at the school yesterday when I dropped the kids off, as a film crew had arrived to record a public service advert to go to air later in the year. SunSmart, or healthy eating, or exercise, one of those types of things. They had wheeled in actors to play the main characters, and also brought along a fake section of wall with a old-style target painted on it. (Reminds me of Angry Kid, actually.) They planned to shoot some general shots of kids playing at lunchtime, and requested that — despite it being the depths of winter — everyone bring their hats along to wear.

I’ve been fiddling with my blog setup a bit. At some stage I’m thinking I might import all my older diary entries into the database, though there’s a fair few of them to do. But then I’d be able to do “On this day” type links and other fun-but-useless stuff like that. Meanwhile I did find a wondrous WordPress plug-in that caches pages so they only get re-built when something changes. Should speed things up a bit. Very cool, in a geeky kind of way.

One of my e-mail accounts is getting horrendous amounts of German nationalist spam. Multiple messages per day, and about 40 copies of each one. I did two years of German in high school, and afterwards promptly forgot almost all of it. I did translate the subject line from one of the (multiple) spams, which said “Bankrott des Gesundheitswesens durch Auslaender!” The Google translation reckons this means “Bankruptcy of the health service by foreigners!” For any German spammers who might be reading, you’ve got the wrong person. I don’t speak German, I’ve never been to Germany, I’m not planning on going any time soon, and rest assured that if I ever do, I’ll have travel insurance that is sufficient to see me treated at no expense to German taxpayers if I should have the misfortune to require it. In fact I’ll try and bring my (rather woeful I know) Australian tourist dollars in to boost your economy. Just stop sending me all these smegging e-mails!

The working week has been a reasonably busy one for me. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a long one, but TGIF — I for one am looking forward to the weekend.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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3 replies on “Friday snippets”

Dear Daniel,
those german spam mails are sent by machines apparently infected with SOBER since the 10th this month, see: (babel this to get an english version). The page lists a lot of subjects, which can be included to your spam filter. The senders addresses are all faked, but apparently this spam is issued from germany.
Please note that the far most majority of germans is opposed to nationalist ideas, as we are a part of Europe!
From an average german in Melbourne ;-)
Cheers from St Kilda

I’ve been getting those emails on the work email. Weiiiiiird stuff when I translated some of them in Babelfish. Anyhoo… it’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

We were getting loads of them too. We’re filtering them out now. Winfried’s right — they can be traced back to machines that were infected my SOBER.
As an average Brit in Germany, I can confirm that most people here are appalled by such things.
BTW, if you ever think of travelling to Germany, let me know — I’ll show you around! ;-)

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