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Food, footy, lazing, realestate, XBox and more food

While some were at the footy on Friday night, Marita and I went to a truly excellent (new?) restaurant at Docklands — Renzo’s Bar. Utterly delicious food, and not expensive in the grand scheme of things — $61 for two, including an entree and some drinks, but no dessert or coffees because we were due at Y+J’s for a drink with Beth.Thumbs up

Saturday did some serious lazing before moseying around the neighbourhood looking at houses. Some nice, some not, all depressingly expensive. May have to re-evaluate my requirements if I’m to get something that doesn’t result in me being hideously in debt.

Sunday more lazing followed by an extended Mothers Day lunch at my mum’s — extended because of the length of dining, and the number of extended family members who showed up for the feed.

Then I went shopping ostensibly for birthday presents for Isaac’s ninth birthday next week, and ended up at Dick Smith splashing out on that XBox I’ve been thinking about buying. Yeah, Microsoft sell-out. My reasons for buying it:

  • two of the kids’ favourite games of recent years have been the Midtown Madness series, and how else was I to let them play the new(ish) one?
  • given the hardware inside it, an XBox is ridiculously cheap now
  • it’s not a PS2, which is what they have at their mum’s house. I wanted something fun but different
  • something to do in the Warm Room with the Good Heater on the coming cold winter days and nights
  • another toy to play with

The main cost will be buying the games — better find somewhere to rent them. The next game purchase will be Midway Arcade Treasures — I can’t wait to play Joust and Gauntlet again, especially with multiple players (secretly I’m hoping to do some bonding with the kids by co-operatively kersplatting monsters in Gauntlet).

The question for me will be how many games I can find that are suitable for the kids but not childish (eg the average kids’ film adaption — I’ll be refusing to buy Cat In The Hat, given how crap I thought the movie was) and exciting without being excessively violent, or yet another version of Tetris. This seems to be a problem on all the game platforms. The whole state of video games these days is probably worth a rant at some stage.

Footy tipping… erm… oh dear, not so good. At time of writing, provided Geelong go ahead and win, I’ll only have got 4 out of 8 this week. Bah.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
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BTW that 3br townhouse I was telling you about was passed in for $380k. So 2 out of 3 auctions were passed in. Things are cooling, though nice houses are still sought after.

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