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Dear Sabrina Harman, you shouldn’t need the Geneva Convention to know what you participated in in that Iraqi prison was wrong. All you should have needed was a modicum of intelligence and humanity.

Oh boy, are we all sick of hearing about Mary Donaldson yet?

(Hmm, should the above have gone in the news section?)

5:30pm. Freebies today: muesli bars at Parliament station. Yum. Tampons at Caulfield station. They didn’t seem too keen to hand them over to me, and I didn’t insist.

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On Sabrina Harman: Silly girl, but I’m a bit concerned all these army reservists are facing years in the brig when the Army should perhaos be looking abit more closely at the intel agents, CIA officers and complete screw up in the chain of command that has allowed torture to become commonplace. Scary stuff.

I thought that was a silly comment to make too. You have to have some sort of empathy for your fellow human being, seriously! When you look at life from the perspective of treating others the way you want to be treatd, I think Sabrina missed out on this lesson.

She’s american, that should be enough to sum up her mental state. Not PC but so much of the stupid and weird and wonderful items in the news come from america.

I wonder what ol’ George Washington, Ben Franlkin et al all would make of America of today.

I’m also perturbed by the Geneva Conventions being reported as containing “recommendations”. Try “minimum and binding legal standards”, I hope that’s sloppy reporting, but my cynicism suspects it’s been copied off a Pentagon press release.

I find it strange there are laws to be followed on how to have a “fair” war. Shouldn’t war just be outright illegalized? People should be forced into diplomacy. Just have the UN vote on everything and make the vote binding.

I am a woman and I was an MP and my training included prisoner handling etc….. You know what you did was wrong…. Dont search for technicalities…..
You are trained well enough to know that you are within your rights to refuse an order if you feel you would be committing an offence…..
A higher ranking person told me to do it is no longer defence….

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