To the guy in the navy blue suit

at Hawksburn station at 8:38 this morning

who ran down the ramp as the train doors closed

because he thought the train with 1000 people on board should be made later than it already was, just for him

and thumped on the door in a rage as the train moved off without him.


You just proved to the 150 people in that carriage what a complete moron you are.

As if it was going to kill you to wait a few minutes for the next one.

Next time try getting out of bed 5 minutes earlier.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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Wouldn’t surprise me, Tony!

Kathryn, this guy had about 7 minutes to wait for the next one. Sure, we’ve all got angry at missing a train, but what good did he do thumping it?

And it reminds me that about a fortnight ago, some guy at Richmond ran and forced a door on a train so he could get on. And broke the door. The train sat for 20+ minutes jamming up the line in the middle of peak hour while they tried to fix it, before they kicked everyone off the train and removed it from service. Well done fella.

I saw a guy in newtown actually get carried along by the door and hit the side of the tunnel the train went into. sounds spectacular but was actually ok. just looked really shaken – as did most everyone else who saw it. he sure made a spectacle of himself. Your schedule can kill you!



It just can’t be that bad being 5-20 minutes late, or if it will be – like you said D – get the hell up earlier.

Apparently 12 people a year are dragged by trains in New York, and quite a few ofthose are killed or badly injured by colliding with a tunnel … still, it’s a lot less than car-related death and injury I guess.

They’re so stupid. I don’t bother even trying once the doors have shut. Like, doors are CLOSED. Train is MOVING. Where’s that going to get me but hurt? And what’s it going to do other than prove to everyone inside the train that I am an idiot for even trying? Obviously not many people think like me. One guy last week forced the doors open on my train – and broke them. They wouldn’t close. So THAT’S the reason for defective trains. We’re all looking at him going “You stupid #$%&!”. Not only has he made himself late, but he’s now got about 1000 people wanting to kill him too.

Yes well there aren’t many Americans living here but there’s loads of Americanized Aussies. So it’s no surprise that the drongos doing these stupid things are all ‘guys’. Blokes would be too sensible.

Hey guys, sorry for that. I’m just a dag who ain’t seen enough movies and TV. I wouldn’t know a flat from an apartment, a sidewalk from a footpath, a trunk from a boot….and so on. One day I’ll get caught in the heresy of not roller blading on Sundays. Then I’ll get what I deserve…Funny looks, I guess.

I have seen a few gruesome photos of ‘train mishaps’ on newsgroups and web pages. Perhaps they should use these to warn people. One guy fell between the train and platform and had his head gouged in half. Ew.

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