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Toner disaster

A couple of the blokes in the office today dared to try what I wouldn’t yesterday: to re-load the photocopier toner. I knew if I tried it I’d end up struggling with it for half an hour before scattering that lovely black toner all over the carpet. So I went and did my photocopying on the fax machine instead.

Whereas these two… well, they only struggled for about ten minutes, before scattering lovely black toner all over the carpet. Oops. But at least the photocopier works again now.

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “Toner disaster”

I saved some poor suffering fool from attempting a toner change today. I arrived to drop off my thesis just as they were wrestling with the beast …

I still have small horrified thoughts about changing toner. I once spent a summer in Canberra slaving over a photocopier in a damn hot un-airconditioned room and the hideous, filthy thing just drank toner.

I had a two-month temp assignment in a room with hundreds of litigation folders that needed to be copied. I learnt how to sooth that savage beast within a week. Though, that assignment was a lot of fun because I was temping with “Lexi” from Big Sky (anyone remember that show?).

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