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The Cat In The Hat. Not many kids’ movies on at the moment, and Jeremy chose this one to while away some time on ANZAC Day afternoon. A couple of semi-amusing moments that just — just raised a smile, but otherwise it was proof that Hollywood has an uncanny ability to take a classic book and make a crap movie out of it, and this one with too many US-centric references to really work in the rest of the English-speaking world. On the bright side, Jeremy enjoyed it, and I caught up on a little sleep.Thumbs down.

Footy tipping: 6 out of 8. Not bad, not bad, though from talking to the barber yesterday, I think he might have done better. At least, he did pick Carlton. Thankfully he’s not in either of the competitions I’m in.

Gmail. Okay, probably not a hoax after all. Those who want to try it out before the masses get to it could do worse than to sign up for a Blogger account — they are currently offering Gmail access to Blogger users. (I dabble with Blogger occasionally).

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I had the misfortune of having to sit through The Cat In The Hat not too long ago.. My comments from about 10 minutes into the film were “Utter Crap!”

I didn’t take my kids to it based on the few clips I saw and the horrible reviews it got. It exited American theatres pretty quickly. I didn’t like how much they changed the book, how they sexualized the cat–his hat getting a boner–and how the playfulness of Seuss was gone. It was a vehicle for sarcasm and noise and inappropriate one-liners and product tie-ins, as far as I could tell. My kids (9 and 4) weren’t interested in seeing it just from the trailers they saw. Money well-saved. Sorry you don’t still have yours.

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