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Zoomed down the freeway to Kathy & Gary’s housewarming on Saturday afternoon. A very nice house, impressively huge, reminiscent of a Viking hall perhaps. That is, a big central living/dining/cooking/study area, high ceiling and a lot of wood involved. Maybe they’ll invite all their friends back there for a spirited sing around the fire after going out in the long boats and pillaging a village somewhere. Most importantly, they seem very happy with it, which is terrific. It’s inspired me to once again look around at houses in my preferred neck of the woods.

After that we zoomed back into zone 1, caught a train into the city to head in to the Comedy Festival. Strolling up Swanston Street, observed many Comedy Festivalling crowds around the Town Hall area, none of whom seemed very concerned at the presence of a Dalek, apparently not involved with interplanetary invasion, as it wasn’t shouting about being a superior being or exterminating people. (Yeah, wish I’d had my camera.)

Saw Rod Quantock deliver a very funny and very left wing show, with his views of the war on terrorism, fridge magnets, the government and Andrew Bolt. One bloke in the audience appeared to have come along unprepared for this onslaught. Maybe he thought he was just coming along to see the Guy Who Used To Be In Those Annoying Captain Snooze Ads.

Then we ate at Waiters. For the last time, I do believe. I should have known after The Great Chicken Parmiagana Fiasco of 2003 that the place that was once a classic has gone woefully downhill. This time round all appeared well at the time (apart from the inordinate amount of time taken to collar a waitress to order dessert), but lovely companion’s late night reaction to the marinara does not bode well, I fear.

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Hey, cool! A Viking hall! This is *much* better than the usual analogy that people make when they see our house, which is a Swiss chalet or ski lodge (with the accompanying witticisms about us heading off for a hard day’s goatherding and yodelling, coming home to frothy vienna coffee and polka music :-) I like the idea of being a Valkyrie much more.

Would love to check out an Antipodean Viking Hall. I have had to develop my own image of such an edifice from Douglas Adams – Dirk Gently.

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