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Finger in your ear

Footy tipping… 7 out of 8. Not too shabby for the first round. Would have been a perfect 8 out of 8, but I was foolish enough to be loyal to my own team and tip Geelong.

The other week I went and saw the doctor about the headaches I’d been getting. Turned out to be a similar diagnosis to a couple of years ago (probable inflammation of a muscle in my jaw), but during the examination he was prodding and poking various points around my head. At one point he stuck a finger in my ear and instructed me to open and close my mouth. Various bones in my head moved like cogs in a machine, and he found his finger stuck. In my ear.

It came unstuck when I closed my mouth again, and he remarked that it surprised him when it happened. Funny stuff.

A few hours later I was with lovely girlfriend, eating lunch al fresco, munching on an enormous (and delicious) foccacia at Gunter’s in Elsternwick. Two people came by and sat at the table next to us. I started to tell the ear story, and they got up and moved inside. Obviously this was too vulgar for their delicate sensibilities.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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8 replies on “Finger in your ear”

Maybe, if the couple at the next table could hear your ear story, they moved inside because they didn’t want you to hear their story.

If I was sitting next to you I would have resisted the urge to ask to ‘have a turn’. I must remember to tell that story as though it happened to me next time I don’t want to share space at a cafe or such.

Lucky you did not get lock jaw. Walking around with a doctor attatched via your ear would be interesting, to say the least.

You should get that jaw looked at by a dentist. Do you ever hear popping noises in your ear when you yawn or swallow? Sounds like you could have TMJ syndrome.
There is a surgery to “fix” TMJ syndrome but it’s not guaranteed and I was too much of wimp to go with it. Instead I self-dosed massive amounts of ibuprofen for 6 months straight. That took care of the worst of it. Only have problems with it sporadically now.

As a fellow Geelong supporter (woe is us) my theory is this: DON’T tip Geelong and you win either way – either a winning tip (more likely scenario) or that rare feeling of revelling in their win.

Having said that, I was blindly optimistic and also tipped them to beat the Saints.

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