Cup Day

Ahhh… it was Cup Day yesterday… first public holiday since June. It’s a good thing.

I broke with tradition, and rather than put a number of small bets on different horses, then lose all the money as they all came in at fourth position or later, I chose a single horse to vote for (as the kids put it) and simply cheered it on. My chosen horse was You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – selected for the flagrant and decadent overuse of apostrophes, which are by far my most favourite form of punctuation. And sure enough it came thirteenth. So in that way I certainly wasn’t disappointed that my money remained in my wallet.

After having taken Monday off (well except for a "oh Daniel, pretty please bring that CD into the office" incident at lunchtime), and in the process achieving a year-long goal of a four day weekend, it was a rude awakening to be back at work today, I can tell you.

4:16pm. I can’t bloody believe it. Some dickhead already has "Jingle Bells" as his mobile phone ring. Jeez.

By Daniel Bowen

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