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[The indicator]
Obviously some people have great problems using their indicators. After all, when your hands are on the steering wheel, the switch is a long long way away, and so awkwardly placed too.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the first day of the month is when they let all the idiots onto the roads. There’s no other possible explanation.

For on Saturday afternoon I was driving down Glen Huntly Road, and I saw a car reversing towards me at speed. Apparently they’d wanted to get out of their parking spot, and go down a street 200 metres behind them, and couldn’t be bothered doing a U-turn. Idiots.

Then later waiting in the front of a line of traffic in Droop Street, Footscray, opposite me there was heavy traffic coming the other way. Some guy decided he didn’t want to wait for the rest of them, and drove up to the lights on the wrong side of the road, with his left indicator on. When the lights went green for them (with a green right-turn arrow, so I had to wait a little longer) he crossed the line of cars all turning right, somehow without hitting any of them, and went merrily on his way. Bizarro.

Add to this a range of people indicating as they drove along with no intention of turning or switching lanes, others turning or switching lanes without indicating (like it’s so hard to reach the switch), some straddling the bike lanes, double-parking in heavy traffic to have a conversation with someone on the road side. Yes, Saturday, a great day to be behind the wheel.

I was going to tell you how on Sunday at a set of lights I burned off a woman in a car that looked a little like an ex-girlfriend, but I’ve decided that would sound overly vindictive.

By Daniel Bowen

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