Every once in a while I’ll read something that speaks volumes to me. This excerpt is from Ben Elton’s "Blast From The Past", which I’m reading at the moment:

Every golden generation, every fresh-faced group of friends, must statistically contain those who will fall prey to the sad clichés of life. The things they never thought would or could happen to them. Divorce, alcoholism, illness, failure. Those were things that happened to one’s parents’ generation. To adults who no longer had their whole lives before them. It comes as a shock when the truth dawns that every young person is just an older person waiting to happen, and it happens a lot sooner than anyone ever thinks.

I should note that I’m not feeling particularly down about being 32, divorced and single. But thinking about my life, and the people I grew up with, and where we all are now, it did strike me as ringing very, very true.

By Daniel Bowen

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