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Went to see the keynote address of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival last night, given by Bill Bryson. The man is hilarious. It made a great end to the working week to laugh my arse off at his speech. I’m getting an urge to read all his books again, and to check my collection to make absolutely sure I haven’t missed any. Of course, having said that, I have no idea where I’ll find the time to do so.

Meanwhile, a few people I know have now seen my video destruction clip. A few people have suggested I send it into Australia’s Funniest Home videos – not a show I usually watch, but I think I’ll take a look tonight to note down the address for tape submissions!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the snow reports. I’m hoping to take the kids for a day trip to the snow at Mt Donna Buang tomorrow. It’s been cold all week, so it should be good. Chuck a few snowballs around, maybe make a snowman, go tobogganing – all good fun.

By Daniel Bowen

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