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My day (inexcruciating detail)

6:15am. I don’t normally get up this early, but today I have to be into work early. I don’t think the newspaper has even hit the driveway yet. Chowing down Weetbix. Is it natural to be up this early? Doesn’t seem like it.

6:38am. Better go take a shower I suppose. It’s still dark outside. Looks cold too – brrr.

7:09am. Showered, dressed, got the newspaper in. Not dark anymore, but still cold out there. Time to go to work in a mo’ – the 7:24 express waits for noone.

7:25am. Get on the train. Surprised at the number of masochists going into work this early, though many of them seem to be partially or fully asleep. There aren’t any seats left, unless I feel like squeezing up between two burly businessmen. I decide that standing will be more enjoyable, even if it means no chance of getting any more sleep. I use the time to SMS my sister, and do a little attempted FriendSpotting, to see if anybody I know gets on the train.

7:54am. Here it is, 7:54am, the new version of the system goes live at 8am, and I’m the only one who has turned up!

9:00am. People drifted in eventually. Surprisingly everything seems to be going smoothly.

12:15pm. Hungry. Need food. I already have a ham, tomato and cheese roll that I brought in with me, but I venture out to the 7-11 across the street for a drink. It’s absolutely bloody freezing outside. Howling wind, even a little rain.

12:17pm. Cold. Need hot food. Go and get some hot chips from the handily placed (if marginally over-priced) food court on the ground floor of the building, take them back to the office and guzzle them and the roll down.

2:13pm. A few more minor crises are helping me to stay awake. I’d be fast asleep otherwise. Ponder if I should go buy a Coke and/or a Viking bar.

3:59pm. One more minor crisis and I decide I’ve had enough. Further crises can be handled by the others. Time to head home.

4:07pm. At the station, remember I need to get an Australian, to enter the Paul Kelly competition. Struggle trying to get $1.10 out of an inconveniently deep pocket, but manage it eventually, and descend into the bowels of the station to platform 2.

4:09pm. Glare at woman smoking in station. Has she never heard of Kings Cross? Obviously not. Relieved when someone else asks her to put it out.

4:11pm. Train arrives, whisks me towards home. No seat again, but I manage to thumb my way through MX.

4:16pm. Someone gets off the train at South Yarra, leaving a handily placed available seat which nobody leaps into, so I take it. Continue looking through MX.

4:23pm. Get bored with MX just past Caulfield. That’s not bad actually – it doesn’t usually hold my interest for that long.

4:37pm. Get home to discover tickets to Bill Bryson this Friday are in the mailbox. Also in the envelope are someone else’s tickets, for something next Thursday week. I’m busy that night, so I mail them on to her.

5:09pm. Jump in the car and collect the kids.

5:35pm. Back after much running around. Cook dinner. It’s only noodles and fish fingers, but at least they’ll eat it without any fuss.

6:23pm. After dinner we eat dessert in the livingroom, watching a Goodies

8:05pm. Kids tucked up in bed. It’s Monday night, so I check my e-mail and start compiling this week’s Toxic Custard e-mail. This week centres around the first bit of footage of the destruction of my VCR. It still makes me laugh, weeks after the event.

9:26pm. Do the dishes, oh what fun!

9:41pm. Back to the computer… damn video thing, why doesn’t it work properly?

11:38pm. All working, uploading to web site. Bedtime. Definitely bedtime.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.