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Hi fi part 2: the kitchen radio

After buying the new livingroom hi-fi, my thinking was I want a device for the kitchen that does DAB+ for digital radio (eg music such as Double-J without relying on the vagaries of the internet connection) and can also do AirPlay (eg for music from iTunes on the Mac). Devices that do both DAB+ and  ... [More]

Doctor Who transport

My blabbering in the TARDIS

Deep within the bowels of the ABC studios at Southbank… …there is a Triple J studio called “TARDIS”. Well, recording booths. I discovered that they’re not bigger on the inside. I was there the other day at lunchtime. My blabbering has shown up as part of a Triple J “Hack” story on the costs of  ... [More]

Melbourne News and events

What was yesterday?

Yesterday was the 5th of April. It was Easter Monday, a public holiday in Victoria. Most businesses were closed. When it comes to the shops, it looked like a Sunday: most smaller ones closed, most bigger ones open. (Not like Good Friday and Easter Sunday when everything’s closed.) Schools were all closed, but they’re in  ... [More]


ABC web site useable again

I noticed the other day that the ABC Local web sites were down for maintenance. They got a revamp in mid-2008 that left it incredibly messy. Apart from the garish green and black colours, it was impossible to find things. It’s like they forgot that they’re most often promoted via the ABC Local Radio stations;  ... [More]


Digital radio

Digital radio was launched today. Interesting, and they’re crowing about a number of new funky features. But the bottom line for me is: Q: Will AM and FM radio be switched off soon? There are no plans at this stage to switch off AM and FM radio services. As there is an estimated five radio  ... [More]

PTUA transport

Something for your Pod

I don’t have a post for you this morning, so here’s something I prepared earlier. This morning I had a chat to the people at 3CR about PT issues, and it reminded me of this recording from Joy FM back in April. I think they’d been intending to post the podcast themselves, but haven’t… so  ... [More]