Reports of Myki’s death have been greatly exaggerated

There’s something of a disconnect between the headlines today and the reality. Say goodbye to your Myki card — the death of the trouble-plagued $1.5bn ticketing system has begun. Here's how you will soon pay for public transport #exclusive #springst — Herald Sun (@theheraldsun) January 27, 2018 “THE death of the trouble-plagued $1.5  ... [More]

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Google celebrates 150 years of London Underground – and could we have bought Oyster?

As seen at on Wednesday. Very cool. (Large version found via the Going Underground blog) Note the subtle shading of fare zones, which reflects how they look on the official maps. It’s been claimed in the past that in Melbourne we couldn’t adopt an existing smartcard ticket system like Oyster because Melbourne had specific  ... [More]