Remembering James Coppell Lee

I was in Brighton Cemetery on Saturday (long story) and noticed this statue from a distance, so thought I’d have a look. Someone famous? Not really. A young man, tragically drowned off Mornington. The statue was made by his workmates. Thanks to Trove, I found quite a detailed report of the accident. FISHING BOAT OVERTURNS.YOUNG  ... [More]

Culture Melbourne

Street names: Why was Synagogue Lane renamed?

Church Street doesn’t have a church in it any more. Nearby Synagogue Lane doesn’t have a synagogue in it anymore. I got curious: How come only one of them got to keep its name? Despite what appears to be a sign that is not particularly ancient, evidently the name change was some time ago —  ... [More]


One day…

When the Hitachi trains were built in the early 70s, it was before the days of dot matrix displays. Destination rolls weren’t easily changed, so they included a few places they thought that might one day get rail services. Forward planning, much of it in line with the stated rail extensions in the 1969 transport  ... [More]