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If Melbourne didn’t have trams, would every CBD street look like Lonsdale Street?

Here’s something to ponder… If Melbourne didn’t have trams anymore, would every CBD street look like Lonsdale Street? (Seen on Twitter recently: “Lonsdale St is the scariest, least bike friendly St in CBD. Discuss.”) PS. Lunchtime: I’d just note that I deliberately chose Lonsdale Street over the (arguably more attractive) Exhibition or Queen Streets because  ... [More]


In Lonsdale Street you can park legally in the bus stop

Melbourne’s busiest bus street, Lonsdale Street, has a bus every minute or two. By my estimate, based on looking at the Melway (because there is still no system-wide PT map available) and checking a few timetables, between the peaks on weekdays, on the busiest section of Elizabeth Street to Russell Street, we have… routes 200/201/203/205/207:  ... [More]