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Sheep dipping

“Ewetube” video from Boxing Day sheep dipping. I helped out for a little while, helping to push the sheep down the chute. It might be for their own good, but they weren’t particularly keen.



I’ve seen pictures before, but canola crops are startlingly yellow when you see them up close. These photos are from near Nagambie yesterday, where there seems to be a lot of it at the moment. Apparently the name once used here, and still used in the UK, is “rape”, or “rapeseed”. I think I can  ... [More]

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There’s a cold going round the family. I hope I’m on the tail end of it now, but it’s rotten. I feel fine 85% of the time, but every hour or so there’s a period of almost uncontrollable coughing, caused by an itchy throat that can’t be soothed by man nor beast nor Strepsil. (Not  ... [More]