Old photos from February 2014

It’s end of the month, so here’s another batch of photos from ten years ago: February 2014.

The State Election was 7 months away, and Labor launched its “Homesafe” all-night weekend public transport initiative. They won, and this was introduced as PTV’s Night Network.

Promotion for Labor's "Homesafe" policy for the 2014 election, February 2014

The Bumblebee trams were still in their yellow livery from their original home in Mulhouse, France.

Bumblebee tram, February 2014

It always puzzled me why they would allow parking here, in part of one of the busiest bus stops in Melbourne.

Parking in one of the busiest bus stops in the City, February 2014

On a crowded train to Parliament with local Bentleigh electorate candidate Nick Staikos, for the “PT To Parliament” event organised by PTUA-supported campaign “Public Transport Not Traffic”.

On a crowded train to Parliament with Nick Staikos, February 2014

We had a bit of a crowd at Parliament, with quite a few Greens and Labor MPs. Then-current Bentleigh MP Elizabeth Miller had declined to attend, and posted this message on Facebook. Is it just me, or was this just a teensy bit patronising? “Special trip”? I was making that journey every day. (Miller was voted out at the November 2014 election.)

Elizabeth Miller Facebook post: It's pleasing that some Bentleigh residents today had a special trip into the city. In line with the last 12 months, Frankston line trains have experienced 98.4% reliability under the Victorian Coalition Government.

Meanwhile, some of the air-con units in the B class trams were perhaps not at their best.

Tram aircon not looking so good, February 2014

The Napthine government had funded the Bayside Rail Improvement Project, which included new signage including Passenger Information Displays, and fresh paint for a lot of stations. It was announced in May 2013, and well underway by 2014… only for this and many other stations to start being demolished from 2015 for level crossing removal rebuilds. Your tax dollars at work.

Bayside Rail Improvement Project: Bentleigh station February 2014

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I don’t doubt that stations need to be repainted every once in a while, but don’t think it’s even worth mentioning as it’s just part of station maintenance.

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