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Old photos from January 2014

Another on my series of photos from ten years ago: January 2014.

What a stupid place to park – right in the middle of the tram stop

Van parked in the tram stop outside the GPO (January 2014)

Signs of climate change were evident in 2013. It’s not getting any better.

News report on climate change (January 2014)

Technically this was December 2013 – we had gone to the early fireworks. Plenty of people waiting on platform 2 for a Sandringham train

Crowds at Richmond heading home from the NYE fireworks (31 December 2013)

Can’t find a seat on a crowded platform? No matter – bring your own!

People at Richmond heading home from the NYE fireworks (31 December 2013)

I quite like the bright red tiles jumping out here, and the alignment of the real life passenger with the one on the poster. Melbourne Central station.

Melbourne Central Station (January 2014)

At Footscray station, construction was underway for Regional Rail Link. New platforms were built on the north side and the Sunbury line moved across to use them. The new V/Line tracks were yet to be laid to replace them.

Footscray station during Regional Rail Link works (January 2014)

2014 was an election year, and Labor announced their “Homesafe” all-night weekend public transport plan. When implemented, this became Night Network.

State ALP flyer for all-night public transport (January 2014)

Richmond station’s centre subway. This hasn’t changed much.

Richmond station - centre subway (January 2014)

This photo from mid-January shows how crowded peak hour trains were getting in the midst of a reduced timetable. Note the lack of hand holds resulting in people gripping the ceiling.

Crowded train (January 2014)

A few days earlier I’d filmed some footage and given it to Channel 7 to put pressure on the government to return the full timetable. Hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there hasn’t been a reduce summer timetable since that year.

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2 replies on “Old photos from January 2014”

I think you are right about train and tram timetables, there isn’t a reduction now. I remember a nightmare of tram summer timetables from the 80s extending into the 2000s, far past the date they should have ended.

“Richmond station’s centre subway. This hasn’t changed much.”
Except, just above each subway entrance, the indicator boards advising where/when the next loop/direct train is have been removed and put in a less handy place. Whose idea was that!?

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