Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from October 2013

Another in my series of photos from ten years ago: October 2013.

Travellers Aid had a fundraiser selling Myki card holders. I love the design of the top of the crown.

"Keep Calm And Catch Public Transport" Myki card holder from Travellers Aid

Works in Elizabeth Street didn’t stop cars coming through the Bourke Street Mall, but it did stop them continuing westward, causing tram delays.

Bourke Street Mall, car comes into tram stop

…and resulting in scenes reminiscent of Austin Powers.

Car making a 3-point turn between tram platforms, Bourke Street Mall

The works in Elizabeth Street resulted in platform stops outside the GPO – shown here during construction. This means accessible tram services in this section, at least when low floor trams are in use, mostly on route 19. Unfortunately in 2023, the northern section of the route still has no platform stops.

B-class tram passing platform stops under construction in Elizabeth Street (October 2013)

An old MX dispenser, awaiting pick up.

Despite appearances, the @mxmelbourne slogan "Pick me up" applies to the papers, not the dispensers

Thankfully they no longer allow ads all over the windows on trains… though trams and buses still suffer from them.

Seems the ads over the windows of Comeng trains are back - this one for La Porchetta. #MetroTrains

Here’s an example of less intrusive advertising around public transport – at Flagstaff station.

Promotion at Flagstaff station (October 2013)

At the time, motorcycle parking in the CBD was a free-for-all, with the guidelines ignored most of the time, often impeding pedestrians. I ended up doing an extensive blog post about it. To their credit, City of Melbourne has now added dedicated on-street motorcycle parking spaces, and banned it on most narrow and heavily-trafficked footpaths.

Motorcycle parked on Little Bourke Street, impeding pedestrians (October 2013)

Metro works nowadays tend to be a mix of long wordy notices, and calendars of varying legibility and accuracy. Once upon a time they used maps.

Metro works map (October 2013)

Over on V/Line, they were still using H cars – refurbished Harris suburban carriages from the 1950s. (In 2023 these are all retired on the way to being retired, and they’re pushing ahead with also retiring the 1980s N cars, despite huge demand that might indicate they should hold onto them for now.)

V/Line Gippsland line train, including H carriages (October 2013)

Finally, the quirky tram sculpture at the corner of Flinders and Spencer Streets.

Tram sculpture at Flinders/Spencer Streets (October 2013)

By Daniel Bowen

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Buses from Belgrave to Blackburn followed by buses from Burnley to Parliament in 2013, nothing new here ten years on! Well, I suppose it could have had the hat trick of no City Loop services running while still dumping everyone at Parliament…

What wasn’t shown in the poster is that the stated 30-minute increase in journey times isn’t due to the replacement bus, but the time spent waiting at the platform for the next Belgrave train after getting off the bus!

The H cars are actually still in service – a number of sets have been put into storage, but there are still a handful of weekday peak runs in the current timetable that use them.

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