Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from April 2013

Marking 10 years of posting 10 year old photos, with one from 30 years ago.

I’m indebted to blog commenter Harry, who noted that it’s now 10 years since I started this series of posting old photos from 10 years ago.

Which means those first photos are now 20 years old. Gulp.

To mark the anniversary, I went looking for photos from 30 years ago, 1993. I could find barely any. Back then of course, almost nobody had a digital camera, and they were very primitive. Film cameras were very common, but I had very little money at the time, so rarely took photos. And when you did, you’d have no idea if they came out. Many didn’t.

I did find some snaps from a February 1993 trip down the Great Ocean Road, and this photo a young me in my furry anorak at Geelong station on the way back – it’s got shades of Tony Blair’s legendary 2014 menacing Christmas card photo.

Daniel looking like an idiot at Geelong station, February 1993

Anyway, on with April 2013.

Metro’s Infrastructure Inspection Vehicle, made up of an old Harris carriage with two diesel engines, was on patrol.

Metro diesel train - Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle (IEV 102)

As noted in this post, this motorist failed to keep left, and found a tram coming around the corner at them.

Friday lunchtime: eastbound tram meets westbound car in Flinders Lane

Sorry Cliff, you were wrong about Southland station. The cost wasn’t that high, it only added a minute to travel times, and it’s now one of the busiest stations on the line.

Letter in local paper reckons Southland Stn will add 4 mins to trips & benefit few. Wrong on both counts

Over at Footscray station, the reconstruction was in full swing for Regional Rail Link’s extra platforms. This was platform 1 – it’s now platform 3.

Passengers at Footscray station during Regional Rail Link works, April 2013

…but the old Olympic Doughnuts was still hanging in there.

Never too early for a doughnut

Spotted on a wall somewhere in 2013, this image of legendary Father Bob – who sadly passed away last week, on 19th April 2023.

Hey, it's @FatherBob !

Petrol-powered tram? No, it was an ad for Caltex. In Australia, they’ve rebranded as Ampol. Thankfully most of those old slow Myki readers are gone, though many older trams still have them.

Petrol powered tram? No, just a Caltex ad. April 2013

Friday and Saturday night train and tram services had been extended to around 1am in late 2006. Within a few years of this photo, trains would be running 24 hours on those nights, though only hourly, along with 6 tram routes.

Late night services advertised on a bus shelter, April 2013

The Parkdale Pigeons, before one was anointed as The Parkdale Pigeon, lined up on the platform 1 building that burnt down in April 2023. It’s due to be replaced in 2024-25 by an elevated station.

The Parkdale Pigeons, April 2013

The bus/taxi interchange at Frankston station, before the latest renovation, completed in 2018.

Bus and taxi interchange outside Frankston station, April 2013

And finally… this is not the best use of a rail network map.

Misplaced train map, April 2013

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5 replies on “Old photos from April 2013”

Daniel, can you go down to Geelong and recreate that 1993 photo! The background won’t have changed much!

Sadly no more Nick and doughnuts.

Why are there still old Myki readers around – not just on trams but on some buses too?

I will totally seek out that spot the next time I’m at Geelong station!

The only Myki readers I’ve seen on buses recently have been new ones, but there might be some old ones lurking around.

Seems like tram 209 was still on the hunt even then – around 2009 or early 2010 (earlier than March) it was spotted with its prey on the 82 in Williamson Rd Maribyrnong, it was later seen, sans tracks, parked outside the 406 bus stop opposite Super Cheap Auto presumably having finished its meal. Or maybe it was trams replacing buses on that day, seems a very Melbourne thing to do. My Google-fu is weak and news/image results from 13+ years ago seem to have dried up though.

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