Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from January 2013

I didn’t get around to posting this last month: old photos from ten years ago, January 2013 edition.

Myki had just taken over from Metcard, and while it would take a while for all the old equipment to be removed, temporary signage was placed over the old ticket machines on trams.

Former Metcard machine on tram, covered up with Myki signage (January 2013)

Myki has that unexplained 4 year card expiry, and it took so long to roll out that the first cards started to expire in late-2012 before the system was fully completed. (This was not my card; someone forwarded me this email alert. Note the clumsy formatting.)

Myki expiry email (not mine)

Who remembers the Frankenbarriers? Old Metcard gates with Myki readers fitted. They were replaced by a Myki-only gates… with slow readers on them. Only later did the readers get replaced with something actually responsive.

Frankenbarriers: not long for this world (I hope)

The tram terminus and layover sidings at Melbourne University.

Melbourne University tram interchange (January 2013)

Metro was testing out white paint as a way of reducing buckling on the tracks in the heat. They don’t seem to do this anymore, so perhaps they’ve found better ways of dealing with it. EDIT: They still do this – see comments.

Metro experimenting with white paint on tracks to prevent buckling in the heat (January 2013)

Technically from December 2012: the Rooster Tree, as seen on a road trip up the Hume Freeway.

The Rooster Tree

Distant Melbourne CBD, photographed from Mornington

Melbourne, from Mornington

In my home suburb of Bentleigh, the Blockbuster Video was being rebranded to Network Video. Eventually, Netflix and other streaming services would completely kill the video rental business. This shop closed around 2015; the pole from the sign still seems to exist – it now advertises the liquor store now on the site.

Video shop sign changing from Blockbuster to Network (January 2013)

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8 replies on “Old photos from January 2013”

The four-year expiry thing is such a weird design choice. Even the Android mobile mykis have the same limitation. You’d think it’d be a way for the government to suck up unused funds except it seems like they’re just held there in limbo forever, so that’s not the reason.

The former Blockbuster video infrastructure is still apparent on Hampton St Hampton. Several years ago the video sign was replaced with “Salvos” as there is an op shop at that address.

Funny enough they’ve painted the rails white only recently on the Caulfield viaduct and a bit between Richmond and South Yarr

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