Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from August 2011

Not many blog posts recently – too busy.

So here are some ten year old photos… from August 2011.

Queues to exit Flagstaff station. This was an increasing problem as the number of gates was insufficient. Marcus Wong also tracked this issue, and The Age covered the story the following year, and eventually all the gates were replaced, and increased in number.

Queues at Flagstaff station, August 2011

A plane over Footscray. Remarkably good photo from a phone, I thought.

Plane over Footscray

The Greens’ Adam Bandt being interviewed at Southern Cross Station about High Speed Rail following the release of the Phase 1 Report by the Federal Government.

Adam Bandt being interviewed at Southern Cross Station, 2011

Tram number 1011 in use at Luna Park as a party room

Melbourne tram 1011 at Luna Park, 2011

Detail of one of the turnstyles at Luna Park

Luna Park turnstyle detail, 2011

Thomastown station under construction – I was in a small group being shown around by the project team.

Thomastown station under construction, August 2011

We also got to see some of the South Morang rail extension construction that day. Here’s me with a lopsided hat, with our project host Briana (left) and Jackie Fristacky from the Metropolitan Transport Forum.

Looking around the South Morang rail project with a couple of friends, August 2011

State Labor took a pledge of a 20% cut in emissions by 2020 to the 2010 election… which they lost. This ad was still up well into 2011. (It could have been mistaken for the target of 20% of trips by public transport by 2020… which by 2007 had been reframed as aspirational aka no longer a serious target – which is why the surge in rail patronage caught them by surprise.)

2010 Labor state election policy of 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020

The “safety zone” tram stop in Swanston Street at LaTrobe Street. Since resolved by the big tram stop outside the State Library (though it’s half a block further south).

Swanston Street, southbound tram stop at Latrobe Street, August 2011

One of my pet hates is fare gates that they don’t bother to use properly. This one was at the Elizabeth Street entrance to Flinders Street station.

Flinders Street station

PTUA often tries to get the Public Transport Minister of the day along to meetings. Here’s Terry Mulder, looking relaxed while preparing to speak to the membership. Some years later, Jacinta Allan attended, and last year Ben Carroll joined us via Zoom. Join today! Picture credit: Margaret Pullar.

Transport Minister Terry Mulder at the PTUA 2011 Annual General Meeting (Photo by Margaret Pullar)

By Daniel Bowen

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I have met Jackie Fristacky a number of times, through our shared participation in the Rail Futures Instittue. She was until recently, a member of the City of Yarra Council. I have a lot of respect for her as a person.

Thank you for another of your memeries of 10 years ago.

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