Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from February 2011

I’m a bit late posting this, but here’s one of my regular posts of old photos from ten years ago.

Simpler times. Under the Clocks at Flinders Street.

Under the clocks

Back when Metro allowed advertising that directly criticised public transport and train travel.

Nissan Micra advertising at Flinders St Station

Queues to exit McKinnon station, despite the presence of an underpass, back before the crossing was removed.

Mckinnon station underpass

Windsor station during one of those regular flooding events that used to cause problems there. (Pic from Herschel Landes)

Windsor station during the flood

Metro’s 2011 timetable was being launched. Big changes included removing most Frankston trains from the Loop, and switching Werribee and Altona/Williamstown to an awkward 11/22 minute cycle during peak hour.

Herald Sun diagram explaining Metro timetable changes, 14/2/2011

Despatch paddles were in use not just at CBD stations, but also suburban stations during morning peak.

Despatch paddle in use at Ormond station, February 2011

The new Myer Melbourne Bourke Street store had just opened following a thorough renovation.

Myer Melbourne shortly after opening following renovations, February 2011

…whereas the Myer Lonsdale Street store had closed, ready for demolition (at least on the inside) and replacement with Emporium.

Myer Lonsdale Street entrance closed, February 2011

Following the 2010 election, calls were growing for a station at Southland. The Baillieu/Napthine government didn’t exactly break any land speed records getting this done. It wasn’t funded until 2014 – a misstep that probably helped them lose office. This is from the Moorabbin Leader – they snapped my pic at the Bentleigh level crossing.

Moorabbin Leader article calling for Southland Station, February 2011

Just mucking about at home.

Finally, do you oldsters remember a time before Google Chrome was the dominant web browser, and they actually had to advertise?

Advertising for Google's Chrome web browser, February 2011

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Im still using Firefox, as I am right now.

Although I do have Chrome on my computer, and has been the browser of choice at different times.

Interesting to see Sydnenham as one of the lines back then.

You don’t remember suburban trains terminating at Watergardens and Vlocity trains to Sunbury? It was a major letdown for Sunbury commuters when their brand new 160 km/h-capable train was replaced with a graffiti-riddled Comeng, or a Siemens that had to enter platforms next to level crossings at walking pace just in case it didn’t stop in time. Or a smelly old Hitachi in 40°C weather which creaked and groaned and felt like it would derail at any time.

That 11/22 frequency I was told also alternated with the Vline service. Really odd considering 11 doesn’t seem to fit well into the clockface. Glad it’s changed to 10 minute frequencies recently.

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