Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from January 2011

Another of my monthly posts of ten year old photos.

Melbourne Central Station – at the time, hybrid Myki/Metcard gates were still mostly in use.

Melbourne Central Station entrance (January 2011)

…but new Myki gates were starting to be tested. These would never quite live up to the promise of reliability and consistently fast response times, and only a few years later, the readers started to get replaced again. (Marcus Wong has a similar photo in this post)

Myki gates being tested, Melbourne Central Station (January 2011)

Hitachi trains were still roaming around the rail system – here’s one coming into South Yarra…

Hitachi and SIemens trains at South Yarra (January 2011)

…and another at Richmond, showing the super-tinted windows they had in their final years.

Hitachi train at Richmond (January 2011)

No wonder they were loathe to dispose of the Hitachi trains, given continued overcrowding on the network. I don’t remember what had occurred in this instance, but not much room to move.

Crowded train (January 2011)

Well, I’m staggered. This solution to a narrow street in Camberwell – rather than simply ban parking on one side, they trust people to leave a path through for vehicles. I presume it works, because the same signage is still there.

Staggered parking sign, Camberwell (January 2011)

Also this month, I was horsing around with Wii tennis.

The new Myer Melbourne had opened in late 2010.

Myer Melbourne

And I also marked my final use of Metcard. Metcard was fully replaced with Myki by the end of 2012.

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Hey Daniel, can you make it on your site that clicking the three dots […] at the bottom of of the text at the start of each article brings up the rest of it?

They should have retained more of the Hitachi sets from the start.

I have always said, they where too quick to get rid of them. We need a ready fleet that we can bring into service at a moments notice should there ever be capacity issues on the system.

Back then, they should have retained Hitachi trains, to help boost service levels with. Keep that up, with more Xtrapolis orders, until there was no more capacity issues, then, go and scrap them.

Its scary, I remember when you posted these the first time. I’m happy to see that you’re still working on making the world a better place.

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